Members Only Service Discounts

Please show your current paid membership card to obtain the discounts. These vendors have kindly offered discounts to our active card-holding members only. Buyers should carefully check IDs, references and insurance as well as issuing 1099s when required. No endorsement of any kind is made by SMLA, nor should be implied.

*For new discounts or corrections, call Priscilla Dunn: 207-883-8016

Carpet Cleaning

Eastern Carpet Cleaning


SMLA Discount: Free estimates; $.40/sq.ft.; then 15% off  ($90 Minimum)

Servpro of Portland

Holly Merrill - 207-772-5032

SMLA Discount: 15% Off carpet cleaning

Electrical Services

Campbell Electric

Tom Campbell - 207-252-2411

SMLA Discount: 10% Off any electrical service 

Alan Eger Electric Inc.

Alan Eger - 207-415-6094

SMLA Discount: 10% Off jobs over $200; lights at cost if paid by customer at pick up. 


Dupuis Hardware

2 Spruce St., Biddeford - 207-284-8702 

SMLA Discount: 5% Off your purchase


AC Yard Service

Justin Hayden - 207-712-5554

SMLA Discount: 15% on Services

C.K.C. Landscaping

Kenny Roberts - 207-615-3152

SMLA Discount: 20% Off a full year contract

Pest Control

Ants Plus, Inc.

Jim Carter, Bedbug Treatment - 207-319-8324

SMLA Discount:  $150, for 1st initial treatment, for card holding members only.

Pest Control

Ants Plus, Jim Carter
$150 For first initial treatment


Tom Caron


SMLA Discount: 5% Basic discount discount for over ten tests.

Maine Radon Solutions

Chris Cole - 207-318-3536

SMLA Discount: Radon testing, 10% off for mitigation. (Also tests water systems.)


Dobson Roofing

Dan Dobson - 207-878-1732

SMLA Discount: Call the office for an estimate and discount.

Miscellaneous Services

Free Energy Maine

Peter Ulrickson - 207-450-6110

SMLA Discount: $100 off completing Energy Efficiency Disclosure forms. $200 for one building. Also, all Efficiency Maine services.

Grandview Window Cleaning

Doug Johnson - 772-7813

SMLA Discount: 10% on specialty cleaning services.

Marden's Scarborough

Ken Clark

SMLA Discount: 5% off flooring, furniture and appliances. You must show your updated membership card.

S&C Satellite

Stephen Bailey - 207-620-1032

SMLA Discount: Free property assessment for centralized video and internet systems.

Sebago Metal Fabrication

Frank Walker - 207-653-3766

SMLA Discount: 10% Off new purchase of handicapped access ramps, fire escapes, stairs, and more.

Southern Maine Chimney & Firewood

Nicholas DiMastrantonio - 207-233-8429

SMLA Discount: 10% Off cleanings, chimney liners & free chimney inspection with cleaning.

UPS Store

Dennis Abbott - 207-883-9087

SMLA Discount: 15% Off eligible products & services.

*NEW* Aces IT Support LLC

Matthew Cochrane - 207-464-ACES (464-2237)

SMLA Discount: 10% discount on labor charges during regular business hours. This includes Windows and MacOS services, WIFI consulting and installation, data migration services, data recovery, and more.

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