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The RHA works with state and local governments and lawmakers to advocate on behalf of rental housing providers on issues and opportunities for housing in our communities.

Our legal team helps us navigate new legislation as we work to ensure rental housing providers have the best tools to foster excellent tenant relations, maximize collections, and minimize evictions.


View our latest advocacy updates on the News & Updates section of our website and catch all of the latest news and updates by signing up to receive notifications through our membership forum.

We regularly post weekly updates, top headlines, and advocacy alerts exclusively to our RHA Member Forum to keep you informed. When you enter the RHA Forum, click "Subscribe to Forum" at the top to get email alerts and notifications!


Additional rent control regulations were passed by voters in Portland in 2022. Access our members-only RHA Advocacy Guide for additional details.

The RHA is working to get a critical change to Rent Control on the ballot: vacant units can reset base rent to market rate.  

The amendment, while modest in scope, will have a significant positive impact for both existing tenants and landlords. It removes incentives for landlords to increase rents for existing tenants and allows landlords to reset base rents in vacant units when a tenant has left voluntarily.

The RHA recently submitted over 4,000 signatures to the City of Portland! This incredible effort would not have been possible without the active participation of our RHA members who were out knocking on doors and spreading the word about our amendment. It’s clear that there is a large swath of voters in Portland who agree that this common-sense fix should be on the ballot this June, and we are so grateful to all of you who helped to share its importance.

Your commitment has been inspiring, and we are optimistic that we will succeed as the election date gets closer. We will continue to keep you updated as the campaign gets underway, and we are confident that we will continue to see great results with your support!

Thank you for your dedication to the RHA and for helping our local housing industry achieve this important milestone. If you would like to get more involved with the campaign, please contact the RHA Administrator at

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    The RHA engages in the state legislative process on issues related to the provision of rental housing in southern Maine. Representing our industry in Augusta is an important component of our advocacy work on behalf of our industry.  

    Linked here is our Bill Tracker for the 131st Maine Legislature, 1st Regular Session listing the bills RHA is actively tracking in Augusta. For each bill, the list indicates assigned committee, upcoming public hearings (PH) or work sessions (WS), whether the RHA opposes (O), supports (S), or is monitoring (M), and includes links to more information on the Legislature’s website. This Bill Tracker is updated regularly (last updated: 4.17.23).

    As we monitor and weigh in on key issues, we will post more information below. RHA members, view the latest State Advocacy Updates on the RHA Forum.

    We encourage our members to engage in the process as well. Here is a document with updated guidelines for testifying and click here for a video guide on how to submit testimony electronically.


      LD 557 - RHA OPPOSES 

      LD 701 - RHA OPPOSES 

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      LD 347 - RHA SUPPORTS

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