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The Rental Housing Alliance of Southern Maine has made these forms and resources available to help keep rental housing providers in our community informed about new policies, local and state regulations and more.

Click here for the RHA Welcome Guide which includes

all required rental housing provider forms in the State of Maine. 

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The information and forms provided on this website are offered as a courtesy only and will be utilized at the user's sole and exclusive risk. No information or forms provided should be construed as legal or tax-practice advice. Applicable laws, rules, regulations and practices change constantly; RHA assumes no obligation to review or update any of these materials at any time. Landlord-tenant and eviction laws, and related rules and practices, different substantially for each jurisdiction; users should assume that all information and forms are completely inaccurate outside of the State of Maine. RHA, its officers, directors, staff, members and volunteers are not responsible for any damages arising from or related to the use or misuse of any information or forms provided on this website.

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